Familia Martínez Bujanda works the fields with a concept of sustainable viticulture, using natural organic material (skins and rest of pruning) to fertilize the vineyards and respecting the non-interventionist tradition inherited from our grand-and great-grandparents.

At the wineries we count on the most modern and advanced technologies to guarantee the innovation and constant quality of all our wines.

Wine making

The work at the vineyards determines all the Familia Martínez Bujanda elaborations. These 28 plots of vineyards into which the 127 hectares of Viña Bujanda vineyards are divided, are grown and vinified in separate tanks at the winery. Later, our team blends them to get the profile that has always distinguished the best Riojas: wines of good color and medium degree, never over extracted and where the elegance, silkiness and complexity of nuances are the main characteristics.

The Viña Bujanda winery has 2,000 barrels of American and French oak, from selected barrel-makers, that combine the traditional ageing of the area with the subtle touches of the wood for the Viña Bujanda Crianza and Reserva.

Wines that the Wine Advocate magazine (Robert Parker´s) has awarded with 90 and 92 pointsrespectively, as well as other international publications, as Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast have included them in the world ranking for their extraordinary quality/price relationship.